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Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

AZIZAA “Platinum” is a variety of Basmati rice, grown in the foot hills of Himalayas, which is the longest grain with a highest elongation ratio, guaranteed to be the fluffiest and most eye appealing rice in the world.

AZIZAA Parboiled (Sella White / Creamy) Extra Long Basmati Rice

AZIZAA Parboiled Golden (Golden (Muzza) / Yellow ) Extra Long Basmati Rice

Extra long grain Basmati Rice

AZIZAA “Gold” is our long grain Basmati grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Carefully selected grains ensure that you get to experience the very best. Amongst rice, AZIZAA Basmati occupies a prime position on account of tenderness, delectable taste and an essence that can mesmerize food lovers. Enjoy the everyday goodness of fine basmati on your table.

Basmati Rice

AZIZAA SILVER Rice is a high-quality affordable range of rice products, spanning Basmati, easy cook long grain rice, and everyday rice ranges. It’s reliable results make silver rice the perfect accompaniment to any savoury dish.



Daily Meal Basmati Rice

AZIZAA Daily Meal Basmati Rice is a high-quality exceptional grain length basmati rice that elongates more than twice it’s size post cooking and is hygienically packed too. It is a great blend of taste, quality and tradition. 


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