A key note from CEO

Mandeep Kadyan
Chairman & CEO

Vision, Creativity & Vivacity.

Dear Visitor,

In this realm of an impetuously changing world, survival in business must never be taken for granted. Our vision of the future must be lucid to allow anticipation of and response to new opportunities.

SBM International evolution depends on our management team and our achievements. To encourage further prosperity, we must be visionary, creative, and kinetic. But above all, our efforts must add value.

Our vision of “eating well should not be the reserve of the affluent, for gratifying food should be open to all” has come quite a long way, and we undertake continuously serving you the best.

Our business is guided by ethics and transparency, and we aim to further win and maintain customers by preparing packaged products that validate price, quality and of course, taste.

SBM International product range has been selected with thoughtful precision and utmost care to provide full meal options. Our products come from extensive research.

Today, we prioritize the durability of our products while bearing our quality standards in mind, for we are aware that storage facilities have yet to develop in the markets of our operations.

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