Milling & Processing – Global Technology at work
Rice produced out of World class state-of-the-art modern computerized plant by internationally acclaimed Buhler which has automatically controlled inflow and outflow system.

The plant installed at SBM International have more than 24 tons per hour capacity, which is one of the largest installed capacities. These plants are equipped with most modern Polisher, Silky Pre-cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-sizers, Graders, Paddy Separators, Dehuskers, etc. Pre-cleaners, Magnets and Metal Detector are used at various stages to ward off foreign material.

SBM International has offices accross the globe. The state-of-the-art SBM International production facility located at Delhi Haryana Border of northern India; the heartland of the Basmati Rice Industry.

SBM International established the fully automated Basmati rice plant in the country, with International technology. Where the rice grain is untouched by hand. A variety of agro-commodities are exported by SBM International India.

Qualitative Leadership

SBM International has been a pioneer by mapping the rice industry business process and evolve an ERP system. The core finance group of SBM International continuously monitors international financial trends, keeps a watchful eye and provides timely advice on financial opportunities.
The Research & Development Cell incorporates the latest proven technology to ensure perfection and a Pro-Logic-Control system handles the entire operation of the plant from one single source interlocking upstream and down-stream operations.

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